Sovereign Womb

by Eileen Hazel



This song was written as a direct response to the supreme court's decision to overturn Roe v Wade. Our sovereign wombs belong only to each of us women!


Sovereign...sovereign womb

My body, I choose

The supreme court made a decision today
To take a woman's right to choose away
I feel so angry, and furious, and sad
It's like we're spinning backwards and the world's gone mad

My body, I choose

We need to know it now and let the truth be seen
Your body is a temple and you are its queen
Don't let the narrow minded fools sell us short
It's time to grab our swords and abort the court!

My body, I choose

It's time to take down the powers that be
Time to rise up and smash the patriarchy
Don't let your sisters suffer in doom
It's time to reclaim your sovereign womb!

My body, I choose

Sovereign...sovereign womb


released June 24, 2022
Written by Eileen Hazel, June 2022. All vocals and hand pan by Eileen.
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Eileen Hazel Berkeley, California

Eileen Hazel, a captivating song catcher and emerging song leader. As a priestess of Aphrodite and seeker of beautiful mycelium, she weaves enchanting melodies that transcend boundaries. Eileen orchestrates community singing, celebrating shared experiences and the unifying power of music. Immerse yourself in her world, where the magic of sound and beauty of the soul converge in perfect harmony. ... more

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