Voice of the Name

from Voice of the Name by Eileen Hazel



Inspired by many things including The Thunder: Perfect Mind, a tarot card reading, and many coyote sightings.


In the golden glow of sunset
As the wheel spins once again
In the center stands a woman
She is shedding, shedding her skin
She dances with curious riddles
Her vision opens like stars
She slices through the heavens
Finds the secret knowing in her heart

I am the utterance that cannot be restrained
I am the name of the voice and the voice of the name

Saturn and Jupiter follow the moon
As the sky turns midnight blue
In the center sits coyote
She is casting off her winter fur
She is a trickster who confounds
Shapeshifter magical creature
All who encounter her are beguiled
She holds the secret yearning of the wild

I am the one you have praised and the one you’ve disdained
I am the name of the voice and the voice of the name

At the dawning of the daylight
When the sky is the color of fire
In the center flies the phoenix
Molting feathers as she rises higher
She screams in a voice that is haunting
Her song carries over the Earth
She is the life that will rise from the ash
She knows the secrets of death and rebirth

I am the one who is water and I am the flame
I am the name of the voice and the voice of the name


from Voice of the Name, released August 17, 2021
© 2020 Eileen Hazel
Eileen Hazel - vocals and guitar;
Djembe loop by Rasputin (David Lincoln Brooks);
Ambient pad courtesy of Deep Shamanic Journeys.
Flute by Carlos Carty.


all rights reserved



Eileen Hazel Berkeley, California

Eileen Hazel, a captivating song catcher and emerging song leader. As a priestess of Aphrodite and seeker of beautiful mycelium, she weaves enchanting melodies that transcend boundaries. Eileen orchestrates community singing, celebrating shared experiences and the unifying power of music. Immerse yourself in her world, where the magic of sound and beauty of the soul converge in perfect harmony. ... more

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