Voice of the Mermaid

from Temple by Eileen Hazel



This song came to me during a workshop called Find Your Voice, Re-story Your Life with Suzanne Sterling and G. Ravyn Stanfield. The song came out of a story I wrote in the workshop, specifically a prompt to imagine myself 100 years in the future, looking back on this time. Always wondering where humanity's destructive ways will lead us, this is what came to me in that magical space.
© ℗ 2019 by Eileen Hazel.



Who is the voice of the mermaid?
Who is the song of the whale?

Remember when we lived on Earth
Before we all set sail
Trees were breathing out oxygen
For all of us to inhale
Oh, remember the whale

Where is the voice of the mermaid?
Where is the song of the whale?

Remember when we were part of Her
Inseparable from all beings
Do you recall when we were
More than just machines
Oh, remember the sea

When was the voice of the mermaid?
When was the song of the whale?

Remember the time before spaceships
When we could still gaze at the moon
Think back on the dolphins the eagles the frogs
Remember the call of the loon
Oh, remember the tune

I long for the voice of the mermaid
And the haunting song of the whale

Oh Mother
Oh Grandmother
Oh Great Great Grandmother

I call to you spirits of all my human ancestors,
Spirits of my animal ancestors
I invoke the memory of minerals, mushrooms, and flowers
I summon the mystery of the waves
Bless me with memory
Guide me to all that ever was and all that ever shall be

Speak with the voice of the mermaid
And sing me the song of the whale


from Temple, track released May 11, 2019
Eileen - Nataraj tongue drum, voice.
Tabla loop by promenade2239 from Looperman.
Whale and mermaid sounds from: Looperman, Partners in Rhyme, and Free Sound Effects.


all rights reserved



Eileen Hazel Berkeley, California

Eileen Hazel, a captivating song catcher and emerging song leader. As a priestess of Aphrodite and seeker of beautiful mycelium, she weaves enchanting melodies that transcend boundaries. Eileen orchestrates community singing, celebrating shared experiences and the unifying power of music. Immerse yourself in her world, where the magic of sound and beauty of the soul converge in perfect harmony. ... more

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